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Lebo Mathosa (1977 - 23 October 2006) was a popular South African kwaito singer. Mathosa started her career with the popular South African band Boom Shaka in 1994 at the age of 15, after she caught the eye of music producer Don Laka at a club in Johannesburg. She was one of the few successful female kwaito artists in an industry dominated by males. [1] She turned solo in 1999. Her debut solo album Dream went gold within 4 weeks of its launch in 2000. At the 2001 South African Music Awards, Mathosa won Best Dance Album for Dream, Best...
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Shake Ur Booty
Don't Need No Reason
Oh Jehova
I Love Music
Feel The Heat
Dance To The Music
Yadlala Ngam' Indoda
Sweet Love
I'll Meet You In The Long Run
Nothing Can Stop The Feeling
Spiritual Freedom
Khumbule Khaya
Khumbule Khaya